Five Big Mistakes To Avoid When Caring For Cashmere Clothing Accessories

Cashmere is a very fragile material that needs to be cared for properly so that you can maximize the lifespan of your garments and accessories. One mistake can ruin a cashmere item. If you want to make sure that your cashmere lasts over time, avoid the following five mistakes when caring for your cashmere wardrobe items. 

Machine washing cashmere

You should never machine wash cashmere. Dry cleaning is always an option, but it's an equally good option to hand wash your cashmere if desired. It's also possible to wash your cashmere in a machine if your machine has a hand wash cycle. 

You can hand wash cashmere gently in a basin filled with lukewarm water. Use a detergent that's formulated for the gentle wash. A low-alkaline detergent is best for cashmere.

Wringing the item dry

Cashmere takes a long time to dry. However, you shouldn't allow yourself to get impatient and try to speed up the process by wringing the cashmere out. This can damage the fibers and detract from the appearance of your cashmere garments and accessories.

You can dry cashmere as fast as possible by spreading it out flat and placing it over a mesh surface that's breathable and allows the air to circulate freely around the cashmere.


Washing cashmere too frequently will drastically reduce its lifespan. You shouldn't be washing cashmere after every time you wear it because it is too fragile to handle frequent washings.

Wear your cashmere items numerous times before you wash them. You're probably not going to be wearing your cashmere while you're doing heavy duty manual labor or exercising, so it shouldn't be exposed to much dirt or sweat with each wear. 

Storing your cashmere accessory when it's damp or in a place where it may become damp

Unfortunately, cashmere is susceptible to attracting moths when it is in storage. You can minimize the chances that your cashmere will be ruined by a moth infestation by always making sure that it's completely dry when it is in storage. Moisture can attract pests like moths, so keeping your cashmere as dry as possible is important. 

Not periodically removing pills

Cashmere items will gradually develop pills, but you can easily remove them by carefully cutting them away with a razor. 

Take some time to periodically remove pills to maintain the appearance of your cashmere and prevent it from becoming damaged by large pills that are hard to remove. 

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